After being let go from his corporate job, Michael began pursuing his passion, and thanks to his reach on Instagram and Facebook, he’s working full-time doing what he loves.

Meet Michael Oh, a private chef from Atlanta Georgia. Since being let go from his corporate job, Michael has been pursuing his passion, cooking for clients full-time.

Michael was working as a recruiter, while cooking on the side but was laid off during the pandemic. Like any good entrepreneur, he decided to turn his misfortune into an opportunity and decided to pursue his dream of being a private chef.

While he has no formal culinary training or previous experience in a professional kitchen, Michael was able to turn his love of cooking into a full-time business.

He started posting his homemade cuisine on Instagram, and it wasn’t long before people took notice. After enough time had passed, some of his followers began to reach out to his to inquire about doing more than just looking at his food; they were ready to try it.

“One day someone reached out to me asking me if I could be a private chef, and now the money’s coming in, and I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing.” said Michael.

“One day someone reached out to me asking if I could be a private chef.” said Michael. From there it was game on and Michael began taking on client.

Watch this video by #CNBC To hear more about Michael’s stoy.

Michael is an inspiration for all of us to remember that when it comes to pursuing our passions, you just have to go for it. Besides, you never know what can happen if you put yourself out there.

Michael is currently still working as a private chef and traveling the world continuing to learn and grow as a professional chef. He was recently featured as a contestant Raid the Fridge, a show by The Food Network.

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